Tel Aviv – The Station Complex and Neve Tzedek…

I can’t think of a better ‘opening’ photo for today’s blog than to post this image of my wonderful wife Eileen taken in Tel Aviv.

The Station Complex…

On Friday we met Eileen’s friend Ilana and her husband Ariah for lunch and a walk around part of  Tel Aviv. We began the day at The Station Complex which is a restored railway station (Tel Aviv/Jaffa) that now has several restaurants and ‘chic’ shops.

The four of us had lunch at one of the restaurants.

I ‘forced’ myself to have another shakshuka. This one had some goat cheese.

Eileen had the Israeli breakfast which is the same as the American breakfast except there is salad instead of fries.


Neve Tzedek…

Adjacent to the Station Complex is the neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. This is a neighborhood that has become very popular with the Israeli yuppy and artsey set. It has shops, cafes, restaurants, and what makes the neighborhood special, unique architecture. Wandering through the narrow streets we found examples of newly renovated homes…

and of course the handyman special…my favorite for sure…

I am finding Tel Aviv to be an interesting confluence between the old and the new. A city looking to preserve it’s old while becoming more a part of the 21st century.




6 thoughts on “Tel Aviv – The Station Complex and Neve Tzedek…

  1. Yet another wonderful post Ellery, love your shots of food! And then of course there’s that beautiful shot of Eileen, just lovely!

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