Jerusalem – The Western Wall

The Western Wall…

We all know that the Western Wall, the Kotel, the Wailing Wall,  is the most significant site in the world for the Jewish people. We know that it is the last remnant of our Temple.

We also know that Jews from around the world gather here to pray.

People write notes to G-d and place them between the ancient stones of the Wall.

The Western Wall is visited by millions of visitors a year – Jews and non-Jews alike.

Soldiers serving in the Israel Defense Forces swear loyalty to their nation and homeland at the Western Wall Plaza.

People from all over the world pay their respects to the Jewish people’s magnificent history by visiting this special site. Here a group of Nigerian Christians pay their respects at the Wall.

In the Jewish religion, women are not allowed to sit and pray with the men. They have a separate area to pray in at the Wall.

This was my third visit to the Kotel. In 1971, when I first visited Israel, the wall had only been under Israeli control for 4 years. It was and still is an emotional experience to stand, pray and reflect at the wall. I look forward to several more visits before we return to the states.


5 thoughts on “Jerusalem – The Western Wall

  1. I have to tell you that the wall was my most moving experience that I had when I was there. We went on Friday night to welcome in Shabbat. Watching the men dancing and praying was so emotional I began to cry. I hope also to go back one day and experience it again. Put a note in the wall for me and my family (which includes you) for good health and prosperity. Keep posting enjoying it so much. Penny

  2. This is getting to be a very nice daily habit, sharing your
    visit as it goes along. The Wailing Wall photos are fascinating.
    What a strange juxtaposition–the old wall and all those white
    plastic chairs! Makes me wonder–did people used to just stand there? And what an interesting moment with that orthodox Jew seeming to study the black guy next to him; what was he thinking? Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of Jerusalem.
    Happy New Year — Judy

  3. Everytime I see the name Apolonia I think of “The Godfather.” Wasn’t that Michael Corleone’s wife’s name?? Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Monday . . . Miguel!

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