Utopia Park at Kibbutz Bahan and a visit to Corinne’s Gan…

Utopia Park at Kibbutz Bahan…

Utopia Park is a unique botanical-ecological garden which includes a spectacular and expansive outdoor area filled with mazes, a topiary, a musical fountain and more. The indoor garden contains a large collection of orchids, waterfalls, and wildlife from the kibbutz.

Eileen makes a friend…

At the entrance way to the garden we found this beautiful parrot. Eileen and the parrot became immediate friends.

Occupied territory…

After our visit to Utopia Park we drove to the Israeli border. In the distance we can see the city of Tul Karem in the occupied territory…

and the wall that separates the territory with Israel…


Eileen wanted to take me to a traditional middle eastern restaurant for lunch. We ate in the restaurant Achla in the city of Cfar Saba. Little did I know what I was in for. Before our fannys hit the chair we were served with this sumptuous table of appetizers.

and we followed this up with shishlik. Eileen had lamb and I had chicken.

The Gan

Gan is the hebrew word for nursery school. Corinne works at a gan and we went there to meet Eileen’s grandsons Kai and Lahav

and her daughter-in-law Penny

who are visiting from Washington.


Penny and the boys are returning to the states on Thursday. The ladies gathered for one last (and probably only) photo of the three together.



6 thoughts on “Utopia Park at Kibbutz Bahan and a visit to Corinne’s Gan…

  1. More great shots! I used to live in a moshav near Kfar Saba. You definitely get the true feel of Israeli living there.

    Safe travels.


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