Christmas Day (Shabbat) at the marina in Tel Aviv


On Saturday we met Eileen’s friend Civil at the marina in Tel Aviv. Civil is a nurse who worked with Eileen. She is of German origin and settled in Israel after marrying and Israeli. Sound familiar?


Of course we had to find a place to eat. I had smoked salmon (aka lox).

Israeli meals, especially breakfast/lunch, are huge. They come with Israeli salad, breads, etc.. Of course, this brunch also came with champagne.

I was very surprised at how crowded the marina/boardwalk was. Civil explained that because most Israeli’s live in apartments, on Saturday, which is their only day off, people like to be outside. With the weather so exceptionally beautiful, the marina is a natural drawing place. Lots of families with lots of kids. The street people of course catered to the kids.

The fun continued down the boardwalk where people were having fun doing Israeli folk dances…

and playing “motkot’

On the way home we passed what I believe is the ugliest building in Tel Aviv…



3 thoughts on “Christmas Day (Shabbat) at the marina in Tel Aviv

  1. I loved Tel Aviv also. Did you go the Nevet Zedik (spelling) area
    it is the Soho of Tel Aviv. What beautiful people. Keep enjoying

  2. e&e,
    what fun! and the food!
    i sort of like the ‘ugliest’ bldg in Tel Aviv.
    be glad you slipped out of NYC when you did… it’s still a mess.
    keep ’em coming!

  3. Great posts and wonderful photography Ellery, looks like the two of you are having a great time! Best to the both of you, you’re in our thoughts. Really enjoying these, keep ’em coming!

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