Tel Aphek- Antipatris

A new day dawns and we’ve decided it’s time to get into the car and do some shooting and sightseeing. Eileen suggested that a good first place to visit would be Tel Aphek-Antipatris. I wanted to go to Jerusalem on my first visit outside of Herzlia, but Eileen felt we should wait because the city may be overcrowded with Christian pilgrims here for Christmas. Parking is difficult on a good day so she felt it would be even worse now.

On the way to Antipatris we stopped for breakfast in Raanana.  Bagels were actually very good. I thought bagels were always ‘holy’. It’s the bialy I worry about. 


Antipatris is about a 30 minute ride from Raanana. Located on the outskirts of Petah Takva, Aphek was among the earliest fortified Canaanite cities.

This is the place where the Israelite’s suffered one of the most devastating defeats, the loss of the Ark of the Covenant, to the Philistines. No, we did not see Indiana Jones lurking in the area.

When entering the grounds, we can see the remnant of the Ottoman fortress, Binar Bashi, which was built in 1571.

As luck would have it there were several abandoned buildings on the site where trespassing was prohibited.

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We were not sure what this building was used for. Certainly built in the 20th century, but it did offer an opportunity for some real nice images, IMHO!


6 thoughts on “Tel Aphek- Antipatris

  1. el, Great to here from you and Eileen, and hope that you’re enjoying your time in The Holy Land. I’ve never had the desire to go there, but appreciate its historical significance. Continue to enjoy your trip, and be safe while there. BTW, some of the images didn’t load. Don’t know if others had a problem, but I did.


  2. e&e,
    I had same problem as Dan – no pics except for the abandoned buildings (which you were NOT supposed to be in). Great shots, though.

    Keep ’em coming! I’ll probably never get to Israel, so I really look forward to seeing it through you guys.


  3. You are one lucky guy. There’s so much snow in NY that none of us can go out and play with any of our Christmas Photography toys except for my new Wacon tablet.

    Enjoy the sun and Happy New Year to you and Eileen.


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