Herzlia, Israel…Days 1-3

We arrived Sunday afternoon. The flight was fine, I guess because I slept most of the way. It’s taken longer than I had anticipated to adjust to the time change (7 hours) but we’re feeling better and starting to do some traveling and sightseeing.

I finally got the chance to meet Eileen’s youngest daughter, Corinne. She’s is very nice and, as was I, were thrilled to finally meet each other.

On Sunday evening we took a walk around part of Herzlia. No nightlife to speak of. A few food kiosks were open but not much else. No real restaurants in the area.

Spent Tuesday at Acadia Beach Had lunch on the beach


and watched sunset at the Marina.

Weather here is perfect about 72 degrees and sunny each day. Nights are cool.

They are doing major renovations/building in the beach area.

They were nice enough to leave an abandoned restaurant for me to explore.

Tomorrow (Wednesday)  we head to Antipatris and in the afternoon to get Eileen’s grandsons Lahav and Kai.


13 thoughts on “Herzlia, Israel…Days 1-3

  1. Ellery and Eileen:

    Very cool. This is well done and love the photos. Please keep the blog going as I would like to Israel through your eyes.

    I do see you found the beer!!

    Take care and have fun.


  2. Thanks for sharing your daily happenings via pix & words:-))
    It’s snow flurrying at the moment…may have a white xmas after all!!! Keep enjoying your inner & outer realms:-))

  3. Hey E-Dude, you two look INCREDIBLY happy! Awesome shot of the two of you. Love the pictures, can’t wait to see how your imagery evolves now that you have 10 weeks to do as much shooting as you could possibly want…and did I mention I hate you for that? You two can make it up to me with a martini when you get home, lol!! Love you guys, have loads of fun and keep blogging for those of us at home!
    Big hugs, miss you guys…

  4. Hi Ellery
    you and Eileen look amazing….keep blogging it is such a good way to keep in touch… stay happy you and eileen deserve each other
    have fun
    love and xxxx”s

  5. Glad to hear from you and about you two. It looks beautiful there. Today was our last day of school and I’m revelling in my anticipated respite.

  6. Oh, short sleeves at the beach! I am soooo envious! Glad to see that you are having a great time. You both look deliriously happy. Love the photos. Keep them coming.

    Miss you both,

  7. Wow u guys look like ur having sooo much fun… I’m jealous now cuz i want to come to Israel too. Looks like alot of fun… 🙂 Hope u enjoy ur trip and also I hope u get into the time change..
    Miss u guys..

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