seRendipity in b&w…

Dan Sniffin, a photographer friend of mine, taught me to look for the ‘Serendipitous Moment’ when taking a photograph. I didn’t fully understand what he meant until we went out to shoot on Monhegan Island in Maine. We’d walk around the island, and Dan would point out his ‘Serendipitous Moment’. We’d look at a field of red flowers and he’d point out the single white flower in the field. That’s his ‘Serendipitous Moment’.  Shooting the field of red would make  a nice image, but shooting and highlighting the white flower, that would make for a wonderful image.

For this post, I asked Dan to put into words what a ‘Serendipitous Moment’ meant to him. He said, ” To me, serendipitous means something that adds to the image in a small, yet important, way. Most of the time it is accidental and will surprise you.  At other times you’ll see it right away.  In any event, without it, the image is not as strong.  Adding that “extra something” to it makes the image stronger.”

John Barclay introduced me to the power of making black & white images. His images, featured in Black and White Magazine, are inspiring.  When shooting film I had often shot and developed black & white images. Now when I turned to digital photographs I found myself concentrating in shooting in color, that was until John showed me his work.

For my show “seRendipity in b&w” at the Rockville Centre Public Library, I decided to take what both John and Dan taught me and combine into what I think are some very interesting images. The show will run through the month of May and I  hope that if you are in the area you’ll drop in and check it out.

“seRendipity in b&w” May 6-31, Rockville Centre Public Library, 221 N. Village Ave, Rockville Centre, New York 11570, 516-766-6257


15 thoughts on “seRendipity in b&w…

  1. Good for you. Not sure that I will be able to make it to see the show. 😦 At some point, you’ll have to post the images that made up the show. I would love to see them all together.

    • No reception planned. Just please come and enjoy (I hope). Let me know when and if I’m in town will love to meet you. Try to come when our friend is around!

  2. Congratulations Ellery,

    The exhibit is terrific and any of you that can get to Rockville Centre will be well rewarded.

    Those of you that have watched the evolution of Ellery’s work will be delighted with Ellery’s current theme.

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