“Curtain Raiser” for the Sierra Club…

Camellia-Planting Fields Arboretum

Last night  I presented the ‘Curtain Raiser’ at the Sierra Club’s Photography Committee’s monthly meeting. I think it went well. You can see the images I displayed at Curtain Raiser.

The best thing about the evening was when a woman in the audience came up to me…asked me “Did I grow up in Brooklyn?” “…on East 19 St.?”. Which of course I did. Turns out she was a childhood friend, I mean early childhood when our parents would take us in our carriages on strolls throughout the neighborhood. Probably haven’t seen each other in 50 years. It was great to see her and we’ll get together to talk about life since 1959!

So what does this mean? I recently met up in Florida with another old friend from East 19th Street…was contacted on Facebook by another person from that time in my life…and they keep on coming.

My concern is that this may be a sign from above or in my case probably below that the end is near!


5 thoughts on ““Curtain Raiser” for the Sierra Club…

  1. Love the post Ellery, and a great set of shots, just beautiful, shows a whole new side of you!

    The blurs are really great too, especially love the White Birches, great colors and form, a new personal favorite.

  2. Your images were lovely-really enjoyed the presentation. Just don’t start walking around with a sign that says, “Repent! The end is near!”

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