I love this job…

The 'photographers' from PS 92M

I don’t know how many people ‘love’ their job…but I am one of the fortunate few who does.

As a member of the faculty of Brooklyn College I have the privilege of working with some of the best new teachers in the NYC school system, members of the NYC Teaching Fellows Program.

I also just embarked on a new project with the Department of Education, which I truly love and feel honored to have been asked to be a part of. I am working as the on-staff photographer training NYC school teachers who have no knowledge in photography, on how to properly use Canon DSLR cameras. I will also work with them on composition as well as processing their images.

The goal of this project is to then have these teachers take their students into the ‘field’ to shoot with these cameras and to then incorporate the images into books that the classes will be writing and publishing. The themes of the book have to be science related.

This year, so far, I’m working with two schools in Harlem, NY. My experience with these teachers has been nothing less than fantastic. They are eager to learn, enjoy going out to shoot, and are wonderful people. I’m looking forward to going out into the field with their classes and helping the students with their projects. The first scheduled field visit is to the Bronx Zoo. Images of that workshop of course will follow in my blog.


4 thoughts on “I love this job…

  1. E- That’s really an awesome way to be able to pass along your love for photography to the younger generation!

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