8mm Fisheye…my fun lens…

1930's vintage subway car as seen thru 8mm fisheye lens

Love my new fisheye lens. It’s made by Rokina and I think it does an excellent job. It’s a fun lens and can’t wait to shoot more this weekend.

Tom & Landa's front parlor, Bethlehem, Pa


6 thoughts on “8mm Fisheye…my fun lens…

    • I shoot Canon…it fits on my 40D…not the 5D Mark II…
      You can play with it when I’m out your way in June.
      And it cost less than $300. Also has Nikon mount if you shoot Nikon. It is a fully manual lens…but I mostly shoot in Manual mode anyways so that’s not an issue for me.

  1. Yeah, fisheyes are fun. I have the Nikon 10.5. I will have to look at this Rokina too. But what does one need with 3 fisheyes – Nikon, Lensbaby, and another? That’s some mutant fish!!!

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