Welcome to my blog…

At the request of some of my friends I’ve decided to enter the world of blogging.

I titled the blog  ‘decrepitude and other beautiful images’ based, sort of, on the saying of one of my favorite t-shirts…BEER GOGGLES…they turn BOW into WOW! That’s exactly what I’m trying to do…make a WOW statement and also have fun doing it. I also chose the name of my blog because of my love for the ‘old and abandoned buildings and farmhouses’ that dot the landscape of our great country.  I like to visit these places and try to feel the history in the walls…to wonder what it was like growing up or working in that environment. My hope is through my images to beautify the destruction that is around me. Does that make sense?

My good friend LisaMarie once said of my images that they are too pretty…too colorful. She on the other hand likes to process her images so that they appear stark and contrasty! It works very well for her but not so much for me.

Two other friends, Spage and Dan, said my blog should be about my documenting all of the places I’ve been  thrown out of or almost got arrested at. That too will be part of this blog.

Please let me know what you think. Don’t be kind just to be kind. I need and cherish constructive criticism. And JB you can call me a “dope” any time you want.


18 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog…

  1. Ellery – I love your blog/header image. I will look forward to this blog and your revealing tidbits! Just no yankee stuff, huh?

    We often forget what a treat is it to see nature through the eyes of others. Those glimpses make us all richer.

    If you have a WordPress question, holler – initially there were some ‘creases’ to iron out, but it works smoothly for me now.


    • Thanks Barbara…for me it’s learn as you go…I think I’m learning just not sure where I’m going.
      I’m having JB check all my posts for grammar and spelling before I publish them. :-}

  2. I’m excited to see and read your blogs. (I must admit that all this technical stuff is too much for me, but any day that I hear from you, is a good day.

    Love Helene

  3. Grand entry into the blogosphere! Love the title and header image. Looks like Cedarmere. Looking forward to more, bro’

  4. Welcome to the Blogosphere! It’s fun… for a while. Then it’s work… for a while. Then it’s fun again.

    By the way, that’s one heck of a fan club you got there!!

  5. Great thoughts ~ to remember that there was and continues to be life in the old structures, and regrettable to acknowledge how easily we dispose of and abandon that which is aged. I commend your work in keeping them alive in all their beauty and look forward to your blog and images.

  6. This new to me so I hope I’m following thro’ properly.I tho’t of you today when I found out how to get underneath and all around a 1000 lb.? eagles nest with 2 eagles living in it.I have been near it but heard one can get quite close.You might want to get a few shots of this when you’re in town.Get in touch with me.

  7. Beautify the destruction – I get it! Great imagery right there. Didn’t know you are so eloquent. There are great ghosts that can be felt in so many places. May you find those that you can illustrate through your lens. Good for you for recognizing the beauty.

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